Areas of research of the Samarkand branch of the Tashkent State University of Economics

1. Prospects for the establishment of agro-clusters in the Samarkand region

2. Organization of logistics of modern fruit and vegetable products

3. Increase farmers' incomes by improving advanced apple growing technology

4. Cost-effectiveness of the use of resource-saving technologies in the production of seed potatoes

5. Improving the efficiency of the value chain in horticulture

6. Digitization of agricultural crops from external factors

7. Digital economy and its application in the industry

8. Issues of e-commerce and marketing in the economy

9. Food security and its impact on economic development

10. Establish international cooperation to ensure the sustainable development of the agricultural economy

11. Development of food security strategy of Samarkand region

12. Development of food supply strategy of Surkhandarya region

13. The use of digital technologies in the formation of regional statistics

14. Development of a model for poverty detection and reduction in Samarkand region

15. Analysis of opportunities for the development of digital commerce in Samarkand region

16. Status of agro-ecosystem services in rural areas and their assessment

17. Opportunities to increase efficiency in horticultural farms and processing industry

18. Opportunities to manage and increase the efficiency of land productivity in agricultural enterprises

19. Ecological and economic conditions for increasing the efficiency of agricultural production in the region

20. The formation of income from non-agricultural production activities in rural areas and their impact on the welfare of the population

21. The economic significance of the impact of proper nutrition on the well-being of the population